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Does anyone remember the old commnity guidelines?

Dude! Member Posts: 22,830 Black Diamond

About 10 years ago, there was a community guideline/etiquette here that among other info included some text like "rather than flaming.... or better tell the person how to ask the right question...", or similar. Does anyone please have a copy of the old guideline, or remember the exact wording of what I just mentioned? Thanks!


  • BluShadow
    BluShadow Member, Moderator Posts: 42,551 Red Diamond

    Hi Dude, only just seen your question.

    If I recall it was a sticky notification, which I'm thinking isn't one of the things they migrated across to the new platform.

    New versions of the guidelines were created by Jim in the new platforms knowledge base...

    I think they generally cover the same things, perhaps re-worded (though I can't recall the old wording exactly)

  • Dude!
    Dude! Member Posts: 22,830 Black Diamond

    Hi Blu,

    I already found it...

    "When answering a question, please be courteous; there are different levels of experience represented here. A poorly worded question is better ignored than flamed - or better yet, help the poster ask a better question."