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Oracle Free tier Intance got deleted

User_8ZR9E Member Posts: 1 Green Ribbon


I had provisiioned a free tier instance on the Ampere ARM with 4 CPU cores, 24 GB Memory and 200 GB space and it got deleted.

Now when i try to provision the same instance, it tells me i need to upgrade. Why? i thought that was the limit to the free tier instnace for the Ampere Image.

Can anyone please tell me?



  • Timo Hahn
    Timo Hahn Senior Principal Consultant Cologne, GermanyMember, Moderator Posts: 39,055 Red Diamond

    User, you should ask your question over at

    This is a different community and it needs another login. Once you register for a login there you need to add at least one area of interest to get access to the communities. In your profile click on the 'Edit Profile' link and check that you have checked the cloud infrastructure stuff.