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From bad to worse: quoted fragments in old posts

mathguy Member Posts: 10,914 Black Diamond

After the platform change a few years ago, several bad things happened to old posts (pre-dating the platform change). One of them had to do with the formatting of quoted paragraphs; which is a serious problem for a reason having to do with a limitation of the old platform. Namely, the old platform's "code formatting" was seriously defective, so some people (myself included) would instead format a "code" paragraph as "quoted" (since that used a fixed width font, it preserved spacing, line breaks and indentation, etc.)

After the platform change, quoted paragraphs became a nightmare of running text, with all line breaks ignored, impossible to read. If a post's author were to "edit" their post, they could see the same paragraph perfectly formatted - in the editing window; why that exact same "view" of the paragraph is not shown on the actual public-facing page, is a mystery to me to this day.

Very recently (I don't think the timing is a coincidence - it seems to match the new "platform change" announced with great fanfare, only to then be silenced without an explanation), I noticed something even worse. Quoted paragraphs in these old posts are not only the same hot mess they have been for the last couple of years, now we also see HTML tags embedded in them! See for example the first quoted paragraph in the original post here (but I have seen it in several other posts too):