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How to hanlde a deselect on Redwood VBCS?


I am developing an app using Oracle Redwood theme for multiple selection on table. I have setup an action chain on the first-selected-row (to display or not a fragment). However, when selecting all values and then deselecting one of the values , first-selected-row event considers that the deselection event as one of it's own and populates . How to handle such case?

The point here is that because of that, when unselecting (though all others are selected) , the fragment that I have mentioned is shown, though it should not be. ( should be displayed only if there is a single selection made on the list).

If there is normal selection - I select one, and then I select multiples, this behavior does not happen.

In this case tableSelectDepartmentForDLShow flow is the one triggered by first-selected-row event.

Can you advise how to overcome such situation?