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Metalink Classic - To Be Continued



  • 546612
    546612 Member Posts: 771
    My reasons for using Classic

    1) It does not require Flash which currently has an 8 month old security hole. (By policy, I'd have to install flash to get support, then uninstall flash to visit other sites.)
    2) It does not provide a fancy UI - simple is better for me
    3) It does not make assumptions about the way I work

    Please keep Classic!
  • Hi,
    I love number three. Customers have their own way of working and adding support issues to suppliers support organisation.

    There should be an easy, intutive way of entering support issues to any supplier, in this case Oracle.

    Recently a friend of mine had a performance issue, I really
    think that Oracle wanted to know about that. But he choosed another solution method, partitioning of the data a mano.
    But it could be so, that there really was some strange things happening, since the execution plan in EM and Toad were different.
    Might have been a Quest support org issue as well. How should we know...
  • 710995
    710995 Member Posts: 3
    I am not a fan of "classic metalink", anyway it's better than My Oracle Support. I can't believe Oracle is rolling out such kind of crapware - it looks to be the classic application that get out of control but managers in charge are unable to say "we made a huge mistake - let's cancel this project". My Oracle Support has several design flaws:

    1) Flash: there is no longer any need to use Flash to build "rich web applications". As many other sites show complex web sites can be built with HTML/CSS/Javasctipt only. Thisi is not a "multimedia" site, thereby who and why selected Flash to build the interface??
    2) The site GUI itself. Not intuitive at all. Go to knowledge and you find two edit boxes one on the right "Browse knowledge" and one on the upper left "Search knowledge" - putting all search options together is a bad thing???
    3) Someone doesn't like tabbed browsing there... who developed it? Offshore company still using Windows 2000 and IE6????
    4) Errors are shown in a very strange way.... and the problem there is a lot of errors!
    5) There are several missing functionalities. For example I once installed the collector in the wrong path. It sent data to My Oracle Support, it displays in the associate collector grid, but I have no way to delete it.
    6) Lots of bugs. It is very easy to encounter an error or something that does not work. I have a 10g instance where collector sends data but they don't appear in the dashboard.

    It's unbelievable Oracle - the Mighty Oracle - could roll out such a piece of software - compare it to Microsoft's MSDN and the differences are huge. What scares me more is this is a symptom that there are big management issues within Oracle - and they could impact other products as well.
  • 369783
    369783 Member Posts: 1,101
    One of the biggest 'sad' things about this whole Flash garbage and My Oracle Support, is that Oracle is fully aware (and has been for awhile) on the limitations/restrictions of Flash, as is evidenced by their highly detailed page on "Running Flash in your organization" (on the MOS/MetaLink login page).

    It already lists many of the standard reasons why running Flash is going to be extremely problemmatic, if not impossible, in many organizations, yet Oracle management has elected to to go ahead with this anyway at the risk of intentionally alienating many customers, or at the very least, complicating their ability to do their job in a timely and efficient manner. One of their "suggestions" is to have your network folks allow a firewall opening for "*.swf" from "*". As anybody knows, IP addresses, domain names, and even (especially), filenames can be spoofed and changed fairly easily by hackers (a very quick persual of several hacker sites lists numerous programs to accomplish this), so Oracle's proposed "fix" can actually open up a HUGE security hole in many organizations.

    It is actually fairly evident that whoever thought up this harebrained idea of using Flash as an enterprise support vehicle actually has very little knowledge or experience in the real world of IT. They may have plenty of school knowledge based upon textbook scenario's in a perfect and harmonious world, but ...

    It seems like Oracle would be more interested in working on improving it's security posture (especially with the new automated Oracle hacking tool being released), than in trying to entice their customers into making their databases even more prone to attack.

    Bill Ferguson
  • Paul M.
    Paul M. Oracle DBA ACE ItalyMember Posts: 10,947 Gold Trophy
    edited Jul 30, 2009 9:31AM
    My Oracle Support has several design flaws
    Are we going to relive (for those who will be able to use flash) the adventure of forums upgrade ? There we had a quite satisfactory version, with useful features, and got a non-working version, and lost most useful features.

    I'm afraid My Oracle Support will be even worse, if possible...

    ... or is Oracle trying to push people to abandon Oracle ?
  • ivwvi
    ivwvi Member Posts: 971
    I vote for Metalink Classic .. thats really easy
    Flash version does not load in slow speed internet
  • Classic Metalink has fewer bugs or issues that the new flash based interface which sucks.
  • Chris Slattery
    Chris Slattery Member Posts: 1,532 Blue Ribbon
    We know this forum is monitored. It is telling that no-one from Oracle Support Management.
    will enter into debate.

    My guess is they are waiting to present us with a 'fait accompli' instead of actually responding properly.

  • 26741
    26741 Member Posts: 4,923 Gold Trophy
    edited Jul 31, 2009 12:09PM
    When will Oracle Support's Damagement Team be aware of the issues ?

    Does affect us now ?

    Edited by: Hemant K Chitale on Aug 1, 2009 12:09 AM
  • Hans Forbrich
    Hans Forbrich Edmonton, AlbertaMember Posts: 11,543 Gold Trophy

    1) To get the best use of MyOracle Support, you should use Configuration Manager?
    2) Is Configuration Manager an erxtra-price option to Enterprise Edition?
    3) Is Configuration Manager available for Standard Edition or Personal Edition?
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