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New Metalink Question

679656 Member Posts: 13
According to Note 841061.1

"Available at go-live

All open SRs with full activities
15 days of closed SRs with full activities
2 years of closed SRs with header information only
Available within one month after go-live

6 months of closed SRs with full activities
Users should export reports of their historical Service Requests from Classic MetaLink/My Oracle Support prior to the migration if they need access to closed SR data that may not be available after the migration."

What precuations are others taking for this action?

I've looked into export reports but they only include header information. Is there a way to export all my SRs with the information within the SR?


  • oradba
    oradba Member Posts: 10,214
    I think you better address such questions directly to the metalink/MOS support team according to this message I got:
    Hi - last week the Metalink/MOS team sent out a communication regarding the upcoming migration of Metalink to the new Orion support system and asked that users go through a pre-registration process.

    If you run into any issues, you should first contact the Support team, but if you can't login to Metalink/MOS to log the support request, you can

    1) Call the Oracle Global Customer Support team at 800-223-1711
    2) Submit your issue through this form
    And just be sure to include the fact that you are a Metalink/MOS acct holder.


  • 679656
    679656 Member Posts: 13
    I called the support and the they said as long as we provide the SR Number they can look it up and provide the contents.
    I was really didn't want to manually copy the contents of 50+ SRs.

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