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Oracle Cloud Free tier community forum?

emanueol Member Posts: 23 Blue Ribbon
edited Oct 25, 2019 10:19AM in Social Groups


I registered couple months ago to the great new Oracle Cloud Free Tier for ever, and looking forward to to know the best internet forums of Developers interacting.

Example i would like to prepare (hope its all possible and free):

1 linux box + apache nifi

1 oracle db

possibility to:

  1. ssh from internet to linux box.
  2. connectnifi to oracle (jdbc driver in NiFi lib + what setup needed?).
  3. [DONE]from internet(sql developer)  to oracle db(/easy-just download zip wallet).
  4. connect from internet(web-browser) to NiFi (http/https) - what all required steps needed?

Thanks for pointing me/sharing 1 or more forums ( or not).

G r e e t i n g s,

Emanuel Oliveira