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Timecard error: "An Oracle Error has occurred"

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I'm trying to submit a timecard from 2 weeks ago.  When saving, I get the following error: "An Oracle Error has occurred".  Wow, that's really helpful!  I have re-edited this several times, closed the browser, relaunched it and tried again, only to get the same thing.  I've attached a screenshot of the page.  Also, I've never had to submit an Oracle ticket before.  When searching for where to do that, all I can find are links to documents that list FAQs or how to search for a previously entered ticket.  Can someone enlighten me where the data input screen for entering a new ticket is please?


  • J Reinhart
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    For the quick answer, go to and log in.  You should see a Dashboard.  One of the tabs at the top will read Service Requests.  Click that and then there is a button near the upper left for   Create Technical SR    Click that and answer the questions that come up, to create your SR.

    If this is useful, please select this response and click the Helpful button in the lower corner.  It will identify this response as useful, and send feedback to both of us.  Just wanted to mention this since I missed the Helpful and Correct buttons when I was new here.



  • J Reinhart
    J Reinhart Member Posts: 574 Bronze Crown
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    Hello again,

    To the bigger question of why you are getting that ever-so-descriptive-error, can you provide some more information?  Has the user submitted timecards before without error or is this a new user?

    If the person is new, then we can check some setup options in case something was missed.

    If the person has submitted timecards in the past, then it's more likely to be a data issue regarding the charge type, total hours, etc. 

    One other thing to test is the timestamp   Oracle can be pesky with times on occasion.  Some of the times in the screen print show as 00:00 -- could you change those to be 23:59 and see if it makes a difference?  Oracle may be considering 00:00 to be the start of the same day, making the end time earlier than the start time.