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Two instance of VBS


We spun up two instances of OIC on different tenancies to isolate development and IDCS integration from our production OIC tenancy. With OIC, we have been using Visual Builder as you know to build applications and will move to VBS soon and centralize our team development. The challenge now is how do we centralize (if possible) our source code. Do we develop and check-in our code to our dev tenancy and then somehow run a build job to copy the source code to our production GIT tenancy and sync up the branches? Can the dev tenancy "reach" out to production tenancy? many organizations still have that "split" model of keeping dev in one place and production in another (I know how VB apps work in that there is dev|stage|publish, but I am speaking about source code here) and we want to follow this paradigm without getting into CLI tooling and use Visual Builder UI tools to make this happen.