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Remove the "How Do I Use the Community?" category

fac586 Senior Technical ArchitectMember Posts: 21,102 Red Diamond

Since the How Do I Use the Community? space was set up at the beginning of November 2020 90% of posts to it have been off-topic product questions. All that it is doing is creating work for the moderators who have to move these to the correct place.

Get rid of it.

Genuine "How Do I ... ?" questions should find their way to the general feedback space (which is not exactly a hotbed of activity) and hopefully other community spaces will prove less of a honeytrap for stray product questions.


  • Leigh.Burke-Oracle
    Leigh.Burke-Oracle Senior Product Manager Posts: 261 Employee

    @fac586 thank you for the suggestion and let me see what we can do to keep the valuable questions along with a place for people to ask community related questions and reduce the number of product related questions that should be posted in other categories.