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Moderators - Add SQL and PLSQL forum in categories

User_WI23P Member Posts: 350 Red Ribbon


There are merely some discussions on SQLcl, SQL Developer and Data Modeler so it's worthless to keep these in category LOV and instead include most active active and PLSQL forum.


  • Frank Kulash
    Frank Kulash Member, Moderator Posts: 42,032 Red Diamond

    Hi, @User_WI23P

    This isn't about how to do something in SQL or PL/SQL, so it doesn;t belong in the the SQL and PL/SQL space. Postings about this site itself should go in the

    General Community Platform Concerns/Kudos/Feedback — oracle-tech

    space. I'll try to move this thread there for you.

  • BluShadow
    BluShadow Member, Moderator Posts: 41,978 Red Diamond

    I already suggested to the Admin last year that we need the SQL and PL/SQL forum including (I would suggest under "Programming Languages" alongside (or instead of) Node.js).

    It's something they're looking to do, it's just a case of "internal politiks" to get it sorted.

  • User_WI23P
    User_WI23P Member Posts: 350 Red Ribbon

    You are right, who cares for users. Last year, I saw @Jeff Smith proudly announcing on Twitter that he got SQL developer under categories menu.

  • BluShadow
    BluShadow Member, Moderator Posts: 41,978 Red Diamond

    When I say internal politiks, I mean that there are many teams involved in Oracle around deciding how the community should be configured, and the latest community platform is still relatively new, with some changes in staff at Oracle too. It's not about who shouts the loudest or proudest. There's also limited space under Categories so Oracle relies on constructive feedback to help make decisions and understand what the users want.

    They've told me they're looking to do it, but it's just about getting it through the hoops and loops, and some other things also take priority (such as platform performance issues etc.).