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How can we add a CAPTCHA support (Oracle one or Google Recaptcha or other alternative)?

NicolasDENIS.LGS Member Posts: 2 Green Ribbon
edited Jan 12, 2022 2:06PM in Visual Builder Cloud Service

One of our customer did ask if there is a possibility to support a CAPTCHA within the VBCS application to limit bots that would attempt to use the form exposed.

I could not find any way to do that for now.

An extension that you can register, a specific custom object you add to the page (should the CAPTCHA offering ability to "test" the user) and a specific javascript call within the flow of a submit button to test if the CAPTCHA call is passed, then add an "if" to test the result ans act accordingly would be the best solution imo. Optionally ability to "set the score" (i.e. score higher or equal to X get a pass, score lower than Y get rejected, in between get tested if option exist, if X = Y then disable the testing option)

Christian Guidibi