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Do not allow users with a level < 10 to start "Discussions" instead of "Questions"

Gianni Ceresa
Gianni Ceresa Managing Director | Oracle ACE DirectorMember Posts: 6,645 Blue Diamond

I did post this as an idea as well:

Many users, mainly new, start discussions instead of questions. When they receive the correct answers they can't mark anything because it is a discussion. The thread will not benefit anyone else, because mainly in long thread it will be impossible to easily identify what was a valid answer.

I really don't see a reason to most users to start a discussion, at least not before they spent some time in the forum and being active.

The ideal case would be to connect the "discussion" option to the level of the user just like for polls.

It will hugely increase the value of the community as more threads will be visible as questions answered with accepted answers.

L. FernigrinicormacoChristian Berg-0racle