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My Exam session crashed about 16 questions in.

My exam session crashed today after about 15 or 16 questions. The weird part was, when i clicked on 'Next' for the next question, the screen went blank. And the proctor or whoever is invigilating did nothing and said nothing. So i clicked on the zoom tab in the hope that i could attract his attention. Then the session just bombed out and crashed.

I have logged a 2 or 3 tickets, has anyone experience crashed sessions and if yes, what happens normally? Does oracle allow you to reschedule another exam for free (it was a free one?) or do they just say tough?


  • User_CJ4I0
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    I had a practically identical experience as you: OIC Certification exam crashed in the middle of the test. I logged a support ticket right away too, but I'm not getting anywhere either with the support folks. I paid $250 for my exam and am afraid they may just say "tough" to me too. 😥