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    Rules are not working correctly in OCS 10.1.2


      A few days ago we have encountered a problem in which the BCC rules or any other rules are not processed out of the user's mailbox.
      For example, a user goes to Oracle Mail (the web access, but not WAC), goes to Filters and creates a new rule for dealing with incoming mail (delivered or read, doesn't matter). The rule is processed ONLY if the the user asked to move/copy the mail to a subfolder IN HIS MAILBOX.

      If the user asks to forward ("Send a blind copy to") the delivered mails to a different mailbox (e.g. in OCS or to externally to gmail), the mail is NOT processed by the filter.

      Other than that mails are treated normally, incoming and outgoing. Manually forwarding to other OCS users also works, as well as forwarding to external mail systems such as gmail. Only the 'automatic' forward rule does not work.

      We have checked that the rules/filters are created with " oesrl -p" - and they are created.

      How can we troubleshoot this issue? Has anyone encountered it?

      System details:
      OCS 10.1.2
      Platform: Red Hat AS 4
      DB version:

      -- Itay.