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    oracle returns ORA-03113 EOF error when using openquery in SQLServer 2005


      Our Application runs batch process on every moring . One of jobs is to get all rows from an oracle database and put all data into MS Sql Server Tables. Usally It works fine But Sometimes during getting data from a certain table oracle raise Ora-03113 error during
      getting data from MSSQL Server. we use mssql openquery clause to get data from oracle We just use OPENQUERY to get all data of oracle view( i.e Select * FROM OPENQUERY(LINKEDORACLESERVER , "SELECT * FROM SCV0XE") )
      This Error comes once a month. So I don't have any idea why this error happens. I am using MSSQL 2005 SP2 , Oracle 9i 9.2.01
      And I tested both microsoft provider and oracle ole provider. Both Driver failed

      Any Solution or Advice will be appreciated...