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    Receipt routing precedence

      Hi friends,

      Is the receipt routing defaulting sequence is as follows (Oracle 11i)?

      1. PO Receiving Control (i.e. if i create a PO and change Receiving Control to "Direct Delivery", the receiving will be directly delivered ignoring all the other settings, right?)
      2. Item level definition
      3. Supplier level
      4. Organization level (i.e. Setup > Organizations > Receiving Options).

      Please confirm. thanks.

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          Hi Lisan,
          The Receipt Routing sequence which you mentioned is correct..

          Receipt Routing default Sequence :
          1. PO Receiving Control
          2. Item level definition
          3. Supplier level
          4. Organization level

          S.P DASH
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            Have question in the same topic.

            1. if I will change Receipt Routing on Supplier level, is it possible to automaticaly update receipt routing for all existing Items and already created PO?
            2. or the same situation, If I will change Receipt Routing in Item Level, is possibility in Application to update all Purchase Orders / Releases automaticaly to new receipt Routing?

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              Hi Jevgeni,

              At what ever level you change the receipt routing the existing order will not get effected. I.e. the exisiting order will have the same receipt routing as earlier.

              However the new order which are placed after updating the receipt routing will get effected.

              Hope this Helps,