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    Cannot start Essbase once admin password is changed


      I have come into an organisation where all applications were created using the default admin / password credentials. I am wanting to tighten security by changing the password of the admin account. I can do this easily in Shared Services, however when I stop and start the Essbase service, I get the following error "Essbase Product Existence Check Fails against the Shared Services Server with Error Unable to Authenticate.".

      In the HSS log I get:
      10-Dec-2009 15:59:55, /files, HEAD, 500 "Internal Server Error", 63 ms, %v
      10-Dec-2009 16:00:26, /files, HEAD, 401 "Unauthorized", 0 ms, %v
      com.hyperion.interop.AuthenticationException: Could not authenticate user 'CSSToken'. Please ensure the username and password is correct.

      I have searched these forums and found threads to load Essbase service in the foreground (isnt this startEssbase.cmd?) and it says I can change the load up admin password there. However when I do that, I dont get that option.

      If I change the password back to the default password, I can get Essbase back up and running no problems.

      Can someone please tell me how to change the password for admin that Essbase uses to authenticate with Shared Services?


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