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    select username password from dba_users shows BLANK for password??

      Hi all,

      I'm a bit puzzled over this one. I'm on a 11G instance of oracle. I
      was going to select username and password from the dba_users table, so
      I could get the password, and do the old trick where you save original
      password, change it...and restore it back with the 'by values' clause
      of the alter user.

      However, when I did the select from the dba_users table, instead of
      showing me the password string...I show a blank!!

      Is this something new to 11G or am I missing something here?

      A bit more information.
      This instance was recently moved here. It was originally a 10G instance, and a data pump export was made from the old machine. The 11G instance was created, and the full datapump export, was imported to the new server. This was basically an upgrade from 10G to 11G during the move.

      No one has experienced problems accessing the schema in question. This all came up, however, with someone trying to run a script...and the password they had wouldn't work. I tried the password I had on file for this schema..it wouldn't work. So, I was going to do the dba_users trick to change passwords around to try things out, and then all this happened.

      Thank you in advance,