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    Problem in multi org structure.

      I have created a multi org structure where I have 2 Operating Unit say OU1, OU2.

      OU1 has inv. org. A1. This is also the item master org.

      OU2 has inv. org B1. Item Master org set to OU1->A1 as item list already exists.

      Now when I create PO using a responsibility attached to OU2, the org column in shipments shows A1.
      Can I not purchase items for inventory in OU2 with item master set to OU1.

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          Hi Deepak,
          In Org field of PO Shipment you can pick only organizations in which the item is defined. If you entered a revision number on the purchase order line, then the item revision must also be defined in the organization. Note that you cannot update the organization once you have saved your work if the shipment has distributions.

          We believe you have defined the item in Master org (A1) but you have not done the organization assignment of the ITEM in A2 org. Please check and confirm.. Check the Item which you have included in your PO.

          Shipment default Rule is as follows:

          *1) Ship-To --------------> Organization - 1*
          *2) Ship-To Org - 2 ---> Financial System Options*
          *3) Ship-To Org - 3 ---> PO Preferences - Validated against item*
          *4) Ship-To Location -> PO Preferences - Validated against validated organization*

          Please do check Item Validation org setup for OU2 also.

          We assume you have correctly attached all 3 major profile options (Sets of Books, MO: Operating Unit, Hr User) of PO resp of OU2 org.

          Regards :),
          S.P DASH
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            Missed the org. assignment part.

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              You are welcome Deepak !!! Nice to hear that the solution worked for you. :)

              Thanks for confirming....

              S.P DASH