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    FDM ERPI drill back to EBS

      Hi Guys,

      I am loading EBS data into Essbase using FDM and using ERPI as a source.

      On a planning form the drill through is enabled, but the Drill through is to FDM. ( Drill through to FDM). On navigating to a FDM page I see no link to EBS.

      I was expecting to see a drill back link to EBS which I get when I load data directly from ERPI.

      Is there any way to drill back to EBS if I am loading data using ERPI\FDM? Or does the drill back stop at FDM?

      Any help would be geratly appreciated.

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          In your scenario the drill-through works as followed.

          Planning -> (To where you loaded it from) FDM via the menu option called "Drill Through - FDM"
          FDM -> (To where you recieved it from) ERPi via clicking on the amount and choosing "Open Source System"
          ERPi -> (To where you pulled it from) EBS via clicking on the amount

          So your workflow is really:
          Planning -> FDM -> ERPi -> EBS

          Thank you,
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            Thanks for your help. I hit against another issue though.

            On clicking on Open Source document, an error page opens up with an error - HTTP: 400 Bad Request.

            On checking the properties for this page I noticed that the address for the url is


            My workspace is on port 80.
            6550 is the ERPI port.
            The url should have read localhost/workspace/index.jsp

            Is there some settign that I am missing.

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              This issue should have been created in a new thread. Now it will unfortunately be less likely to be found by others.
              The issue related to you setting up the "WebService" value in the adapter incorrectly.

              It should be the <ServerName>:<Port> for Workspace not your ERPi deployment

              Thank you,
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                Thank you for your help.
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                  Do u have document related to ERPI Integration with hyperion Planning. Can you please share to the document to this mail id: hyplakshmi@gmail.com.

                  I am going to do the integration next week. Could you please help me on the same.

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                    Dear All,

                    We are using Oracle GL for the ERP and Hyperion Planning application for Budgeting purpose. We are going to intergrate both the system using FDM ERP Integrator.

                    My Queries:

                    If i am putting one transaction in Oracle GL, how long it will take to reflect the value in Planning application?