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    OEL 5.4 won't display install GUI although 4.x does

      I have a Dell desktop that I had OEL 4.x installed on, and I recently installed RHEL 5 on it. However, in trying to install OEL 5.4 I see where on the startup it probes the integrated display and tries to start the X server and then the screen goes blank. The same DVD will load fine on my laptop. It appears that Oracle made some X changes or something relating to the display mechanism from OEL 4.x to 5.x. Arrrrgh. One of the real aggravations in the Linux world.

      Any suggestions other than adding a non-integrated video adapter? This machine has loaded XP and Windows 7 fine, as well as RHEL 5 with no problems.

      Any reason I would not want to stay with OEL 4 using 11g?