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    FRM-92050: Failed to connect to Server: /forms/lservlet-1 coming thru LBR


      Our EBS setup is as follows,

      10g DB, (patchset)
      Sun Solaris 10 64 bit

      Two node Apps Tier (AppServer1 and AppServer2) in a shared APPL_TOP.
      and Two node RAC Database Tier (DBNode1 and DBNode2)
      Highly secured and firewall environments.

      We configured EBS R12 and we were able to login and launch forms , Submit conncurrent jobs and everythings worked fine.

      Now , our requirement is that all the users would be accessing our EBS through https and the flow is as follows,

      User => https://lbrname.domainname:443
      here lbrname is our Load Balancer name. Here the request is identified as EBS request and LBR forwards that URL to our reverse proxy server

      Our reverse proxy server is Sun http web server 7 update 5. It converts it to http://hostname.domainname:8000 and offloads it to the apps tier.

      We followed metalink note 380489.1 - Using Load-Balancers with Oracle E-Business Suite Release 12 to configure our EBS with load balancer .
      (Section 2.1: Using Hardware Load Balancers with Single Web Entry Point).
      After configuring we are able to login to the EBS URL using https://lbrname.domainname:443.

      Now here is our problem,

      When trying to launch any form , it gives the below error.

      FRM-92050: Failed to connect to Server: /forms/lservlet-1

      not sure how to proceed. Looked at google , metalink but not getting anywhere.

      Can you please give some pointers as how to solve this problem ?