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    Logging WLDF

      Hi all,

      This had probably been answered so apologies. Can't seem to find out
      how I can grab a simple log of JDBC Connection Pool info, Session info,
      and THread Usage while we are stressing our system our system, without having
      to look at the admin console.

      I know I can appopint Diagnostic Modules and collect Metric Info through the different MBeans,
      but I can only seem to view them through the console and this makes it very difficult to make
      a document later of the metrics gathered. I'm surprised I can't get a clean log of the specific different
      metrics I'm collecting in this advanced stage of the product. Unless I'm missing something, which is probably the

      I'd appeciate any information or clues..

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          Hi Vishal,

          Have you tried taking a WLDF image at the time when you want the information and then open them using WLDFBrowser?. It has to give you the required information.
          If you require WLDF Browser, please follow the below link.