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    Workflow related issues

      Hello :

      I am managing an Application instance 11i 11.5.10.CU2 for the last couple of years. Recently I upgraded the ATG to RUP 6.0. Post ATG upgrade there were many small functional issues which eventually got resolved. But the Workflow related issues are spawning sporadically every now and then and they dont seem to have a consistent pattern, so I can report this to Oracle Support.

      Like today i had a requisition that was stuck in process. When i checked the status , I noticed that it failed in the PO_APPROVAL_LIST building.I reset the requisition using poresreq.sql. I asked the user to resubmit the requisition. The approvers approved the requisition, but the time the requisition failed with 'Document Manager error' 1 or 2'.

      The user created 10 other requisitions which went through the whole workflow circle without any issues following the same approval hierarchy. It will be very helpful if some one can explain why this behaviour is seen?