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    [Cytoscape plug-in]no models found in schema

      I went through the Cytoscape documentation and ran all of specified commands to:
      a) create the SP and CPS indexes
      b) rebuild them on my model (called mc_noinf_model)
      c) ran @semviz.plb @semviz_setup.plb from the MDSYS schema
      d) ran the sem_analysis.gen_summary and dbms_stats_gather as specified

      yet when I open Cytoscape and connect via my username (aioffe) I get the error "No models in schema aioffe!".
      I know that mc_noinf_model exists because I see it when I run "select * from mdsys.sem_model$;".

      Is this a bug of some kind? Are there any setup steps I missed?