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    Punchout in oracle iProcurement

      Hi people

      does anyone have a document that explains the whole punchout process,i understand how it works but i need the setup doc's on how to punchout to a supplier site,step by step.

      thanks in advance
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          Hussein Sawwan-Oracle

          See Oracle iProcurement guides available at:

          Applications Releases 11i and 12

          Also, please see these documents.

          Note: 871463.1 - How to Setup A New Punchout From iProcurement To Oracle Exchange / Test Exchange ?
          Note: 222874.1 - Oracle iProcurement Patches Guide - Punchout
          Note: 367586.1 - How iProcurement Manages Punchout Session Context Information
          Note: 236597.1 - Basic Setup to Check Configuring Punchout in iProcurement
          Note: 456335.1 - FAQs For Punchout In Rel 12
          Note: 377320.1 - How to Diagnose a Punchout Issue
          Note: 431133.1 - Is There Any Further Documentation For Punchout In Release 12.0 ?