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    Is it possible (using PS 8.8 Security) ...

      We have a situation where we have two companies on PeopleSoft HCM that should not see each other's data. Company 1 should not see Company 2. We do this using row security (dept security). The issue lies where search records check against the security tree and return only who a person has access to based on their current department. We have associates that used to work for Company 1, quit and now work for Company 2. Company 1 no longer has access to these associates...GREAT!!! Company 2 now has access to these associates...GREAT!!! -----Problem....In job Data, since company 2 has access to the associate, they can see the historty of the associate when they worked for Company1. This is a big problem for us.

      Is there any way to secure a page to block history for depts that a user does not have access to? Apparently row security (via search record) just checks the top row. If they have access to the dept on the top row, then the viewing of all history is available regardless if the user does not have access to the depts under the top row.

      If this makes sense to anyone and if you have an idea, please help!

      Thoughts were:
      *To assign a new employee id if there is a hire from one company to the next (most logical to security)
      *Update pages to only display records for the associates company (somehow...and a tremendous amount of development)