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    Sort of new to purchasing

      Need some tips/advice on the best way to learn oracle purchasing. I work in a purchasing dept for a couple of years now but work mostly on iprocurement. i have the oracle user guide to purchasing and would like to get a replica of the erp purchasing module to work on at home.

      Any advice on how to go about teaching myself?

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          Hi Girle,
          Welcome to forum !!

          Nice to hear that you worked in iProcurement and certainly this will help to learn Purchasing faster as I am sure you understand all the basic concepts of PO. Its a plus point for you.

          Learning through 1000 pages of User Guide will be tough :). Personally I believe the best way to learn Purchasing in Apps is :

          1) Refer a PO setup doc, get an idea what is the Pre-requisite PO setup before you start creating POs
          2) Play with different options available in PO module in APPS system (11i or R12)
          3) Get an idea about oracle seeded standard reports.

          This is how I learnt Oracle PO :). If you need any specific document which may help you to learn PO then let me know. Never hesitate to ask any question on PO in this forum, I am sure you will get an answer, lots of good people are around.

          I am happy to help :). Good Luck.

          S.P DASH
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            Hi SP Dash!

            thanks for your walm welcome..i was starting to get a bit worried when i saw so many "reads" on my question but no response! :)

            Ok, for starters my role on the system would best be described as that of a functional user...so I am not sure about the documents you mentioned in your message. Would you be able to send them across to me?

            I am also considering getting a replica of oracle purchasing on my home pc so that i can practise at home. Its very difficult to get this software! Do u have any advice?

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              Hi Girlie,
              I am sorry as I advised many things without a knowledge of which role you are going to play in Purchasing.. As you mentioned that your primary role will be a functional user, hence you need to focus on transaction level information, like how to create POs, Approval Process, Receiving etc..

              Yes, few sites do provide access to Apps, but I will recomend you to register yourself in www.solutionbeacon.com site, you can have access to both 11i & R12 instance as well. You need to have a CSI number to register in this site.

              Navigation : www.solutionbeacon.com ; --> Toolkit --> R11/R12 Vision Instances --> click on
              *1) Release 11i Vision Instances*
              *2) Release 12 Vision Instances , as per your requirement...*

              say if you click on : Release 12.1.1 Vision (vis1211) , system will prompt for user_id/Pwd.. you need to register in this page. Pre-requisite to access this site is a valid Oracle CSI number.

              In order to access the environment, each new user will need to complete the Release 11i/ 12.1.1 Vision User Registration form!
              Hope this will help... Good luck..

              Merry Christmas !!!

              S.P DASH
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                Hi SP Dash, i dont have a CSI number so i googled up information on the net and came across this link:


                Its a beta version of Oracle Database 10g Express Edition and if you look at the link, it has a download for the database and the client software.

                I'm not sure if this will give me access to the purchasing module of E business suite?

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                  Srini Chavali-Oracle
                  No - this will not.

                  You will need to download and install the entire EBS software from http://edelivery.oracle.com - current version that is available for download is R12.1.1. Pl read the Install Guide completely (http://download.oracle.com/docs/cd/B53825_03/current/html/docset.html) to verify that you have met all of the hardware/software prereqs before attempting to download and install EBS.

                  If you are doing this for the first time, this will take some time and require some technical proficiency.