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    11gR2 for IBM z/OS or z/Linux?

      Is there a schedule for an IBM z/Series release of 11gR2? Or even R1? Unfortunately I need one before I can start to really use the RDF store.

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          Hi Brian,

          Unfortunately Oracle will not be delivering an Oracle Database 11g release for z/OS.

          Customers desiring to remain on the mainframe and upgrade to future releases of the Oracle Database can move to the open systems mainframe environment and run Oracle for Linux on System z. Oracle will continue to support the mainframe platform by offering the Technology Products on Linux for System z on a timely basis from their initial release. For further information on this option, customers should consult their Oracle Account representative.

          Note 461234.1 Oracle Database on z/OS Support Status

          Happy Holidays!
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            I checked and it turns out our servers are running Linux for System z, not z/OS (my mistake).

            So when is 11gR2 going to come out for Linux on System z?

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              Hi Brian,

              Mmh, still not very good.

              For IBM zSeries Based Linux:

              11gR1 ( status PROJECTED not CERTIFIED yet:
              - SLES-9
              - SLES-10
              - Red Hat Enterprise AS/ES 4

              Don't know the release date yet.

     patchset is not planned

     release is planned for Q1 2011

              Do you have a test Windows or some other unix/linux platform to try semantics? so you can install 11.2? and take advantaje of all the new features.

              For more information:
              Release Schedule of Current Database Releases (Doc ID 742060.1)

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                I would expect 2011. Bu that is just a guess.