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    primvera p6 page numbers in footers

      Hi all
      I want to show in the first page legend and page number and only page number in all the remaining pages in p6.
      It is possible in p3 but i cant get it in p6
      can anybody answer this please
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          In P6, it's not possible to have a different footer on page 1 vs. all the rest of the pages. What I do is show a larger footer only on page 1 containing the project name, legend, logos, etc. Then, I have a thin header that shows on all pages that contains the page number, data date, project name, etc.
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            Another work around would be to print out your schedule in an Adobe .pdf file and insert a footer (page number) onto whatever pages you like. Do not forget to eliminate the page number from your P6 footers. We use this method on a daily basis to publish our schedules.

            Hope this helps,