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    Unable to find item in iProcurement when browsing in Main Store?

      I am unable to browse the item in
      iProcurement - Shop-Stores-Main Store

      What I have done is?

      I have a created a item in Item Master (Inv)
      And assigned the item to an org and category.
      Now I have item ready for use.

      iProcurement Catalog Administration-Schema
      I Have created
      Item Categories-RR Computer Harware
      Then ,
      Schema-Category Hierarchy
      Create Top Level Category - RR Supplies
      Then I have added “RR Computer Hardware” to this.

      Then ,
      Category Mapping-Shopping Category
      Shopping Category Name – starts with – RR%
      I have selected Both
      - RR Computer Hardware
      - RR Supplies
      And Click on MAP button

      Now the mapping is done between - RR Computer Hardware(iProcurement Category) and Supplies.Office(Purchasing Category)
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          We assume, you have created the item in Master org and done an organizaion assignment for your required org properly.

          In precise, you have to do the setup in inventory and iProcurement for your requirement.. For item to appear in iProcurement shopping page, please follow below steps...

          Inventory :
          1) Category codes setup
          2) Category Sets setup
          3) Category code assignment

          In iProcurement
          1) iProcurement: Mapping Categories

          Internet Procurement Catalog Administration > Schema > Category Mapping

          Create a blanket PO, include the item(s) in BPA line.. Go to Iprocurement Resp, mention the BPA number in search or search on Item and start shopping :)

          Hope this will help.

          S.P DASH