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    JDEV 11g ps1 Deploy: SDO failed,  ERROR: No j2ee modules detected


      I have created a (new) simple ADC BC component and exposed this as a webservice with JDev 11g ( When I deploy this I get the errror:

      [09:13:33 PM] Target platform is (Weblogic 10.3).
      [09:13:56 PM] Retrieving existing application information
      [09:13:58 PM] Running dependency analysis...
      [09:13:58 PM] Deploying profile...
      [09:13:59 PM] #### Deployment incomplete. ####
      [09:13:59 PM] == ERROR: No j2ee modules detected in EAR archive. Deployment aborted. == (oracle.jdeveloper.deploy.VetoableDeployException)

      This was working in JDev 11g ( Does anyone has an idea?