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    Requisitioners do not know the price of the items - Work Around Required


      The users who raise the Requisions at my company, they do not know the price of the items to be procured at that time. To get the prices you need to go through RFQ and quotation cycle which comes after raising the Requisition

      So the requests are raised to the Procurement department via emails and consequently the RFQ and Quotation flows are handled manually outside the system. Once the prices are finalized they are placed on the Requisition and the PO Autocreated.

      We would like to go through the whole flow in PO Module. Can you one suggest a work around or solution to the problem

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          Sandeep Gandhi, Consultant
          To implement the process in Oracle , here is what I can suggest.
          1) Users should raise a RFQ. They should mention the item, quantity, and approx price (if they know it).
          2) The RFQ is approved and is sent to the Purchasing dept.
          3) The buyer gets quotes and finalizes the supplier / prices and places it on ASL. He communicates this information to the user.
          4) The user creates a requisition ; refers to the quote in the req (so the price gets defaulted) .

          Hope this helps
          Sandeep Gandhi
          Independent Consultant
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            at one of my clients, implementation was going on

            and they had the same issue

            the workaround sandeep gave is practicable but if you see the standard way, a requisition is made first followed by an RFQ, quote and finally a PO

            But some ppl dont want to go into RFQ to quote cycle
            so what we did at that company was that the users raising requisitions unaware of the price entered a zero amount, and some used the list price that defaults from item master.
            The buyer who is actually aware of the market enters the price there for that item ..If he is not sure about the price due to any reason, suppose due to unstable market or high fluctuations in price than he negotiated price on phone with thier routine suppliers for years and got the best price.

            if purchasing history is seen, it is based on PO
            If item price history or average trend is seen,its based on PO

            all of the baove is justa work around since you asked for one
            well there are other workarounds too

            hope this helps youu