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    BPA 11gR1 and JDev 11.1 - Roundtrip - what is included?

      I am aware that Oracle has improved the roundtrip capability in the recent versions. I have got a question for understanding, what exactly is included.

      To my knowledge the "roundtrip" contains the following:

      Part 1: BPA -> JDev
      1- Inside the BPA database you generate a dataset by "Sharing with IT" that JDev understands and can interpret as BPEL flow.
      2- If you change something within BPA, you can update the generated dataset and can let JDev compare the changes and finally merge new flow elements into an already extended BPEL flow.
      This process is quite clear to me.

      Part 2: JDev -> BPA
      Although I can save within JDev my manually extended composite into the BPA Server, I haven't found anything about this way back into BPA. I am aware that this is from modelling perspective perhaps not the right approach, but what will happen if I save my own JDev changes back and what can I do within BPA with it? What kind of data will be saved?

      Can you point me to some documentation to get a better understanding?
      Thanks a lot
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          Your understanding of Roundtripping is quite appropriate.

          Part2 : Jdev to BPA

          what exactly happens here is that the BPEL Developer can modify the BPA blueprint and add BPEL activities ( though he cannot delete anything from the BPA Model) and update the Model via "Refresh Button" on top. The Model in BPA repository does not get updated directly, but all the changes come under a folder " Improvement Proposals" allowing BPA modeller to review the BPEL Developer's proposal and make changes in the BPA model.
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            Thanks a lot, such a process sounds logically and would complete my understanding of a roundtrip.

            I just checked how it will work, but it seams that I have misinterpreted something, because it is not working in my environment.

            Finally I got a "java.lang.Exception: script BPELImport, line 101: There are no IT modifications to be propagated to BPA".

            Here are the steps I did:
            1. Send a fresh Blue Print from BPA to JDev.
            2. Open BPEL process in JDev and add an additional "scope" between existing scopes, and name it appropriate.
            3. Add some additional activities inside this new scope.
            4. Save everything
            5. Close existing PBEL view.
            6. Going back to composite view
            7. Hit "Save to BPA Server ..." icon.
            A message tells me that it is uploading xx Bytes ...
            But finally the error message above appears.

            I have checked the folder called "Improvement Proposals" in the root of my BPA Server Database, but it is empty (which is logical if the message is correct).

            This test is repeatable.

            What is missing? Why is my additional scope not recognized as an improvement proposal?

            Thanks a lot!
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              Which type of BPA model you are using. BPA Suite infact supports over 50 different models.
              I feel BPMN model in BPA will have least discrepancies in round tripping.
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                I am using BPMN models only. I don't think that round tripping is supported by any other model type at all.

                In between I am a little bit further, it looks to me that only the objects called "IT Details" from the "BPA Blue Print" section are recognized within BPA as proposal. At least now I am getting an "Improvement Proposals" back.

                I will continue and play around with this object now, need to accept the proposal and hope I can change the type to "Automated Activity" or "Manual Activity" then. Will keep you updated!
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                  Hey veckardt,

                  I too have the same issues as you are, with RoundTripping. The operation is supposed to be seamless!
                  I agree that IT Details is the only activity that jDev recognizes as a change, but IT Details are inferenced as an automated activity. what if my intention is to create a Human Task?

                  And i feel that more activities must be available in the BPA Blueprint Catagory in jDev.