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    Problem in Transferring activity ID structure to activity codes

      I am working on a power plant schedule. We have two sets of structure for Activities i.e. Activity ID consisting of 10 digits and activity codes. we have setup a database as per our requirement. People who have worked on Power plant projects might be aware that there are two many systems involved the numbers runs into few hundreds.
      For a certain specific client requirement I have to use activity ID structure in place of activity codes. For this i need to transfer all system name and description in Activity ID to Activity Codes....its a tedious process. if anyone had encountered such a problem please revert back

      ENAAAA0100 - Start of project AAAA - Start of Project

      STFFFF0100 - Finish of Project FFFF - Finish of Project

      AAAA - Start of Project
      FFFF - Finish of Project
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          This might be an area where the project.xls file would prove useful. It used to be available on the Primavera Knowledgebase, I assume Oracle has it on theirs as well. I assume, because I can't access the KB anymore.

          Anyway, using Project.xls (or projectmod.xls) you can connect to the data dictionaries and create values much more quickly. Activity.xls (or activitymod.xls) allows you to assign values to activities pretty efficiently.

          It has worked for us many times.