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    Instant Client and Secure Password Store

    gavin scott
      Hey folks,

      I need to use oracle instant client and external password store, but it appears that they are incompatible. The mkstore utilitity is not included with instant client, and trying to workaround it by copying across a pre-created password store and setting up the sqlnet.ora entries results in ORA-12534 TNS: operation not supported error.

      It would be real useful if this combination were supported....it's fairly core functionality after all. Does anyone know of any workarounds to get this to work or developments on Oracle's part that might include this functionality any time soon?

      I'd rather avoid having clear text passwords in code or having to install full oracle client if it's at all possible.

      Platform is RHEL 4.5 (32 and 64 bit), database and instant client version is