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    11g r1 and Archive Log destination


      OS: Linux xxx.xxx.com 2.6.18-92.el5 #1 SMP Tue Apr 29 13:16:15 EDT 2008 x86_64 x86_64 x86_64 GNU/Linux
      DB: Oracle Database 11g Enterprise Edition Release - 64bit Production

      I have set "db_recovery_file_dest" and I can see that the archive log files go to the flash_recovery_area.
      But what I am confused is, at the same time a second set of Archive Log file goes to my $ORACLE_HOME/dbs location. I didnot set any log_archive_dest or so.

      Why I have two sets of archive log files ( one going to Flash_Recovery_area and the other going to $ORACLE_HOME/dbs )?

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          Robert Geier
          show parameter log_archive_dest
          show parameter recovery
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            SQL> show parameter log_archive_dest

            NAME                    TYPE     VALUE
            ------------------------------------ ----------- ------------------------------
            log_archive_dest          string
            log_archive_dest_1          string
            log_archive_dest_10          string
            log_archive_dest_2          string
            log_archive_dest_3          string
            log_archive_dest_4          string
            log_archive_dest_5          string
            log_archive_dest_6          string
            log_archive_dest_7          string
            log_archive_dest_8          string

            NAME                    TYPE     VALUE
            ------------------------------------ ----------- ------------------------------
            log_archive_dest_9          string
            log_archive_dest_state_1     string     enable
            log_archive_dest_state_10     string     enable
            log_archive_dest_state_2     string     enable
            log_archive_dest_state_3     string     enable
            log_archive_dest_state_4     string     enable
            log_archive_dest_state_5     string     enable
            log_archive_dest_state_6     string     enable
            log_archive_dest_state_7     string     enable
            log_archive_dest_state_8     string     enable
            log_archive_dest_state_9     string     enable
            SQL> SQL> show parameter recovery

            NAME                    TYPE     VALUE
            ------------------------------------ ----------- ------------------------------
            db_recovery_file_dest          string     /data10/flash_recovery_area
            db_recovery_file_dest_size     big integer 230G
            recovery_parallelism          integer     0
            SQL> SQL>

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              Since you have enabled the following

              log_archive_dest_state_1 string enable
              log_archive_dest_state_10 string enable
              log_archive_dest_state_2 string enable
              log_archive_dest_state_3 string enable
              log_archive_dest_state_4 string enable
              log_archive_dest_state_5 string enable
              log_archive_dest_state_6 string enable
              log_archive_dest_state_7 string enable
              log_archive_dest_state_8 string enable
              log_archive_dest_state_9 string enable

              The log archive process is generating the archive logs in its default location i.e. $ORACLE_HOME/dbs as well.

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                In log_archive_dest_1 writes to $ORACLE_HOME/dbs/ by default, and log_archive_dest_10 writes to db_recovery_file_dest by default. You can look at v$archive_dest to see where things are actually being written.

                You can change log_archive_dest_1 to the FRA:
                alter system set log_archive_dest_1='location=USE_DB_RECOVERY_FILE_DEST' scope=both;
                I think this is actually a bug but I don't have a number handy.


                Jeremiah Wilton
                Blue Gecko, Inc.
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                  Please look at ML/MOS ID 746228.1 and ID 553286.1
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