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    Requisition Import changing UOM and quantity when AUTOSOURCE_FLAG ='Y'

    Kristofer Cruz
      I am loading PO_REQUISITIONS_INTERFACE_ALL with the information for my requisition. I give the UOM_CODE as EA and quantity as 20 and it is changing the quantity to .06667 and the UOM to CA. We have three lines in the QUOTATIONS for this item. The first has CA as unit of measure, the second has EA as unit of measure and the third has BG as unit of measure.

      I tried unapproving the first line since it appears that Oracle is using the first quotation line to convert. But when I rerun, it doesn't select EA which would be the next quotation line, but rather it selects BG as the UOM.

      Has anyone else ever seen this behavior before? I am passing the correct quotation line in AUTOSOURCE_DOC_HEADER_ID and AUTOSOURCE_DOC_LINE_NUM yet Oracle ignores this and seemingly insists on using everything BUT the correct one.

      Has anyone else seen this behavior? Is this a configuration setting or am I not filling out PO_REQUISITIONS_INTERFACE_ALL properly?