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    PO Supplier Change Workflow (POSCHORD)

      Hi there

      Does anyone know of a way to change how the PO Supplier Change Workflow behaves? We would like to make it require an approval if the price is changed. When I look at the workflow itself, in Workflow Builder, it is Read-Only. Is there any other way we can do this? The other change that we would like to implement is to allow the Buyer's assistants to be able to approve the changes so that the buyer's time is not consumed with the approvals/emails.


      we are on 11.5.10.
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          I think this requires checking option "Allow modifications to customized objects", which could be accessed in the workflow builder using
          Help (Menu) -> About, but before that please read Purchasing workflow customizations guidelines from oracle.

          Also for more details please read metalink note [578466.1|https://support.oracle.com:443/CSP/ui/flash.html#tab=KBHome(page=KBHome&id=()),(page=KBNavigator&id=(bmDocTitle=Oracle%20Workflow%20Customization%20Policy%20Clarification&from=BOOKMARK&bmDocID=578466.1&viewingMode=1143&bmDocType=ANNOUNCEMENT&bmDocDsrc=DOCUMENT))]