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    Installation of 11gR2 on Solaris 10 x86

      I'm trying all the possible way to install 11gR2 and create a RAC instance over ASM.

      I've already installed GRID and everything is up and running, but when I try to install the actual database and configure an instance
      the installation stucks on the Oracle Database Configuration Assistant and there is no way to may it continue, no errors, nothing in the dump dir nothing in the /tmp and its orainstallation logs.

      I've also tried to quit the process and manually ran the DBCA utility, it continues up the the last stagebut when I click finish with the "create database" and create scripts I got 2 little scripts on the script dir with almost nothing in them and NO instance is never kicked off, nothing happens at all , the window stays there...

      Has anyone gotten into this problem?