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    RMAN Backup 32/64 Bit compatibility

      Hi Database-Experts,

      I do have a Windows 2008 Maschine installed with 64 Bit RDBMS 11.1 and have taken successfully some RMAN backups.
      Because I have to build a clone database on a Windows 2003 Maschine with a 32 Bit RDBMS (11.2) installed I would like to know if I could use the backups taken in a 64 bit enviroment.

      Thank you in Advance,

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          Hemant K Chitale
          Normally, you can use 64bit RMAN to restore backups done by 32bit RMAN.
          You can also restore 64bit RMAN backups with 32bit RMAN provided the database db_block_size is 16K or less. If only certain tablespaces have been created with a 32K block size, then backups of datafiles of those tablespaces would fail to restore.
          I've seen this issue with 10.2 64bit RMAN backups restored on 10.2 32bit.

          Note: Obviously, you must run utlirp.sql on your cloned database before you start using it.

          Hemant K Chitale