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    ODM Data Collection (AP list)

      Hi guys

      can someone help me,how do you retrieve AP data list on the system?

      thank you
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          You can run through Oracle Diagnostics tool.

          Logon to Oracle Applications with Oracle Diagnostics tool responsibility.
          Click on Advanced tab
          select Payables as application from the drop down list
          Click on Invoice on the left side menu
          Click on Invoice data
          7.Input Parameters (* required)
          Responsibility Id (LOV) *
          Search Criteria (LOV) *
          Supplier Name (LOV)
          Invoice Id (LOV) *
          Include GL Tables (Yes or No) (LOV)
          Include Related Data (Yes or No) (LOV)
          Max Rows Displayed
          click on Run.

          Hope this clears.

          Sudhakar Ghantasala