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    ODP - Entities created with Dates as Strings

      Hi there
      I am pretty new to Oracle forums - so please treat me gently!! :-)

      I am working on a project to profile up to 100 Oracle tables as a precursor to migration of those same tables (or at least some of them!) to an ERP solution.

      We have set up an evaluation environment ODI/ODP/ODQ (or at least the more technical than me have) and have started to create entities from the tables to assess whether ODP will aid in our data cleansing initative.

      However we have encountered one strange problem that is causing us concern ...

      Columns in the source table that are format DATE end up as attributes of the resutling entity in ODP as STRING. The upshot of this is that :-

      1. The datatype compare' business rule' is consistently failed
      2. the MIN/MAX results in ODP are meaningless and the profiler does not recognise and difference in dates 01-JAN-2001 and 01-JAN-1901 - they are strings in ODP with a value of 01-JAN-01.
      3. It is nigh on impossible to write custom business rules for the entity attribute - we have tried some of the built in functions but they do not work as expected.

      So my question is :-

      Since the source is an Oracle table and ODP entities are an Oracle table (?) why is the attribute of the entity STRING and not DATE ?