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    Oracle Financials Supplier Approval

      In Oracle Financials, you can create supplier via Purchase order module or Payables module. We would like new suppliers added to Oracle Finacials be approved by the procurement manager before buyers can use in creating purchase order.

      My question is does Oracle Financial have this feature?
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          Not in standard functionality, although iSupplier does have this functionality.
          Alternatively you could customize to achieve this through use of switching the inactive_date on the Supplier.

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            As an alternative, you can create a custom Responsibility through which you can only create supplier, and you can assign this responsibility to set of people (like Procurement Manager, key members etc.) who has the authority to create Supplier.. In your existing PO or AP responsibility you can make the Supplier option as view only. This approach we have implemented for our sites (11i).

            Hope this will help.

            S.P DASH

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