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    error when starting weblogic


      i just changed the password for admin ('weblogic' user), i shut down the server, then when i tried to start up i got the error:
      weblogic.security.SecurityInitializationException: Authentication denied: Boot i
      dentity not valid; The user name and/or password from the boot identity file (bo
      ot.properties) is not valid. The boot identity may have been changed since the b
      oot identity file was created. Please edit and update the boot identity file wit
      h the proper values of username and password. The first time the updated boot id
      entity file is used to start the server, these new values are encrypted.
              at weblogic.security.service.CommonSecurityServiceManagerDelegateImpl.do
              at weblogic.security.service.CommonSecurityServiceManagerDelegateImpl.in
              at weblogic.security.service.SecurityServiceManager.initialize(SecurityS
              at weblogic.security.SecurityService.start(SecurityService.java:141)
              at weblogic.t3.srvr.SubsystemRequest.run(SubsystemRequest.java:64)
              Truncated. see log file for complete stacktrace
      Caused By: javax.security.auth.login.FailedLoginException: [Security:090304]Auth
      entication Failed: User weblogic javax.security.auth.login.FailedLoginException:
       [Security:090302]Authentication Failed: User weblogic denied
              at weblogic.security.providers.authentication.LDAPAtnLoginModuleImpl.log
              at com.bea.common.security.internal.service.LoginModuleWrapper$1.run(Log
              at com.bea.common.security.internal.service.LoginModuleWrapper.login(Log
              at sun.reflect.NativeMethodAccessorImpl.invoke0(Native Method)
              at sun.reflect.NativeMethodAccessorImpl.invoke(NativeMethodAccessorImpl.
              Truncated. see log file for complete stacktrace
      <22.01.2010 15:27:45 EET> <Notice> <WebLogicServer> <BEA-000365> <Server state c
      hanged to FAILED>
      What should i do?
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          Jay SenSharma MiddlewareMagic
          Hi Roger,

          Step1).Move inside your Domain Directory.

          Example: (here WLST_Domain is my Domain Name)

          Step2). move inside the Servers directory

          Step3). Move inside the Admin Server Directory...In my case the Administration Server name is "AdminServer"

          Step4). Take a Backup of "data" folder, Means Just rename "data" directory to some other Directory like "data_OLD"

          Step5). Inside AdminServer Create a directory with name "security"

          Step6). Inside the "security" directory Just create a file with the name "boot.properties"

          Step7). Inside the boot.properties file Just enter the UserName and Password in two lines

          Example: below is the content of "boot.properties"...only following two lines


          Step8) Start the WebLogic Server

          Note: If you are using WebLogic 10.3.1 then the default password may be either "weblogic1" or "welcome1"

          Jay SenSharma
          http://jaysensharma.wordpress.com  (WebLogic Wonders Are Here)
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            My directory structure is the following: [http://img130.imageshack.us/i/32636604.jpg/]
            So i installed weblogic server into D:\oracle\Middleware

            Why my directory structure differs? Where can i find in this case, that boot.properties ?

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              Jay SenSharma MiddlewareMagic
              Hi Roger22,

              I am not sure what exactly your question is...

              It is possible that Mi Domain Directory location is different from yours...Generally we create our Domains in <BEA_HOME>/user_projects/domains...But it is not a mandatory rule to create every domain in the same location...may be you have not created your Domain in user_projects directory...

              You need to find out where exactly your Domain is.

              BEA_HOME is the installation directory of WebLogic product....It can be anything...whether you choose "D:\oracle\Middleware" or any thing else.

              Jay SenSharma