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    Unable to modify Approved PO.

      What are the reason why buyer cannot modify approved PO?
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          Your buyer is the buyer of the PO you want to modify ? Esle, perhaps your security settings prevent your buyer to modify the PO ?

          If you use the budget control, you should at least un-reserve your PO or the line to modify before you can change qty, price.
          You can access this function by the menu Tools -> Unreserve.

          There may be other reasons, you should give us more precisions about your case if you want precise answers ;)
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            Here is the exact scenario. A buyer created a PO with 5 items and submitted it for approval. The PO has been approved by the procurement head. Later on, the buyer found out that 1 item is no longer provided by the supplier. The buyer cancelled that specific line items. This means the buyer has the privilege to edit the PO. This triggered the system to submit it for reapproval. The procurement head approved the PO again. Now, when the buyer wanted to cancel the whole PO but he can't even open the PO anymore when the buyer clicked the Open button in the Purchase Order Header form. It says "You cannot open this document. This document is in one of the following states: Frozen, Cancelled, Finally Closed, Incomplete or Pre-approved."
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              You can see the PO Approval status in the PO Summary, and also the Closure status, can you tell us their values ? Your message sounds like the whole PO has been cancelled, or the approval of the PO is not finished (pre-approved) ?

              Also available in the PO summary is the menu "Inquire -> View action history" to figure out what happened to your PO, it may help.