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    Questions on stores in iProcurement


      I have a couple of questions on setting up stores in iProcurement -

      1. Oracle comes seeded with 2 stores of "Main Store" and "Exchange.Oracle.com". We do not have use for these stores. I do not see an option to disable them. Is it advisable to delete them? They occupy unnecessary space and are seen first. I read this on Metalink Note ID 429470.1 - "NOTE: While the value can be edited, it is strongly recommended to not under any circumstances ever delete "Main Store" from Stores page of Manage Content in iProcurement Catalog Administrator responsibility." Not sure why.

      2. We have a Punchout catalog store for Dell US and an Informational Catalog for Dell International. The Dell purchasers come to iProcurement to either punchout to place Dell orders for US (shopping cart comes back to iProcurement) - or - just use the Dell International store to go to an outside URL and place their orders there (which do not come back to iProcurement). What we see is - when the user clicks on the Dell US icon, he is directly taken to the Dell punchout URL but when he clicks on the Dell International icon, he is first taken to the available catalogs list for the store (only 1 catalog available) and then the user has to click again on the Dell International link. Is there a way to configure the Dell International icon to behave the way the Punchout icon behaves - i.e. directly take the user to the Dell page without a need to show the list of catalogs.
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          Hi All,

          I am sure someone has had similar issues with atleast item 1. I would appreciate if they could let me know what exactly they did for it.

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            To answer your Questions
            1. You can always delete Either Ones if you want.. The reason Meta link Notes Say not to delete the Main Store is
            i. Because Main Store has All Local Contents in iProcurement(i.e. If you have any Items Setup in You Inventory Module and have them iProcurement Enabled (i.e can be Purchased from iProcurement) and any other Local Catalogs/Categories item Loaded using BULK LOAD in iProcurement will also be deleted.
            ii. You can Always Delete the Oracle Exchange Store if you are not using it.
            So i would advise Not to delete the main store . Instead You can change the Sequence of the Display of the stores in you iProcurement Page.
            Navigation ==> Internet Procurement Catalog Admin(RESP) ==>eContent manger ==> Manage Contents ==> Stores ==> Press the Button Update Sequence and make sure the Sequnce number for main is Higher than any other Store so that the Main Store Falls last in the iProcurement Home Page

            2.I don't think there is any option to Do this. but you Can always open a SR with Oracle about this and ask this question\

            hope this Answers your Question.

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              Could you please try below options for your question - 1

              1) Look for a profile option --> POR: My Favorite Store : <Use the store name which you created for your business>
              Do maintain a sequence of the stores as well.

              2) Your Q-2 is bit tricky, I will get back to you on that after a round of testing.

              S.P DASH
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                Thank You all for the answers. Oracle via SR also recommended removing just the catalog entries against the stores. And said that the Main Store allows for search across all stores. Also for #2, they said that they do not have any setup options. Mr Dash, if you do have a way, please let me know. Thanks again!