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    Approved PO not showing in LOV in Receipts form

      I approved a PO by updating po_headers_all in the database, after the notification for approval was not showing up in the approver's mailbox for some reason. But I cannot find this PO in the LOV while trying to receive against it. I made a change in the PO, triggered reapproval, and got it approved by the normal process, yet it didn't show up. I made another PO, by copying from the first one , got it approved, but still it doesn't show up in the Receipts form. Can anyone assist?
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          Did you already succeed to receive qty on some PO, or is it your first try ? I mean does it work usually ?
          Did you have several logistic organization ? If yes, you need to setup the acces for the responsibility you use to the logistic org, if your delivery place (on your PO) is linked to a specific logistic org.
          This is done by the INV Administrator resp, menu Setup -> Organizations -> Organization Access

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            There might be many issues if you are not able to receive, couple of examples below

            However as you said that you have approved the PO by updating PO_HEADERS_ALL, it is not recommended to update the PO directly from backend.

            1) You might have not selected the correct receiveing org, which is in the shipments tab of PO
            2) there might be a problem with the item
            3) Problem might be with the PO.

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              You are not supposed to update the table PO_HEADERS_ALL directly for approval and there will not be any effect if you update from Backend.

              Whenever you submit a purchase order or requisition for approval, purchasing uses Oracle Workflow technology in the background to handle the approval process.

              The PO Approval workflow is initiated when you choose Submit for Approval (and then choose OK) in the Approve Document window.

              You cannot receive a PO without Proper workflow approval.



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