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    Match Rule for De-Duping Addresses within an Organization

      I have been attempting to create a match rule in DQM to identify duplicate addresses within an organization. I can easily use the seeded match rules to find duplicate addresses across parties, but not within. I have attempted to include account number in the acquisition and scoring with an exact match, but still do not get desired results. Has anyone else successfully created such a match rule? Thanks, Victoria
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          Yes you can very well achieve by DQM functionality.

          Identify an unique value for the same organization, like the Taxpayer ID/Registry ID/Account Number.
          Define the match rule by filtering on any of the above values, means you need to define one Acquisition field by taking any of the above.
          Then subsequently define the Scoring attributes for Address or whichever field you want.
          Run the match rule and you will be getting the records for that organization only.

          Hope this helps.